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Game Keeps Freezing or Crashing

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You have tried to run the game in different compatibility modes and have confirmed DirectX9 is installed, yet the game keeps freezes on start and needs to be terminated via task manager.


There are many reasons why a game might freeze or crash. We recommend you first try the following:

  1. Run the game in a different compatibility mode.
  2. Run the game as administrator
  3. Download and install DirectX9c.
  4. Check our game specific solutions for known issues and fixes.

Game Still Crashes?

Try moving the game to your C drive. Some older titles expect to be run on the same drive your Windows system is installed on (usually C).

We have identified some anti-virus software, like Avira AntiVirus, Avast and Norton, can cause issues with running or installing programs. Disabling the antivirus program, or whitelisting the game in the antivirus program, should allow the game to start. This issue is more common in older games, especially ZYX titles.

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