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The game installer won't open on Windows 11 and gives the error "An administrator has blocked you from using this app"

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This fix applies to the games:

  • Hanachirasu
  • Kana Okaeri

If you are on Windows 11 and opening the game installer gives you the error saying, "An administrator has blocked you from using this app", try running the setup program from the Command Prompt run as administrator. Please follow these steps:


1. Run Command Prompt as administrator (you can find it on the Start menu and right-click on it and run as administrator)

2. In Command Prompt, run the setup file by copy-pasting the full location of the file. For example, if your file is in the Downloads folder, you'll need to run:
"C:\Users\<your_user_name>\Downloads\Hanachirasu_setup.exe" for Hanachirasu.

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