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VenusBlood FRONTIER International Patches

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Patch 1.09


You download the patch here.

If you are using the Steam version you can download the 18+ Steam patch here.

Unzip into the game folder, overwriting the existing files.


This fixes:

Ver 1.09 Patch Notes

・Fixed various bugs


Ver 1.08 Patch Notes

・Fixed various bugs


Ver 1.07 Patch Notes

・Fixed various bugs


Ver 1.06 Patch Notes

・Fixed various bugs


Ver 1.05 Patch Notes

・Fixed various bugs


Ver 1.04 Patch Notes

・Fixed various bugs


Ver 1.03 Patch Notes

・Fixed a problem where certain enemy units would not be affected by status ailments inflicted as a result of an attack that hits multiple enemies.


Ver 1.02 Patch Notes

・Fixed a problem that occurs when selecting empty squads during event battles

・Fixed discrepancies between the description and effects of certain equipment

・Fixed a mistake in the effect description of the 'Hot Spring' and 'Academy' buildings

・Fixed an error that occurs when selecting a specific option during Thor's title event

・Fixed a problem where the counter ailment (specifically 'charm') skill crashes the game when activating during battle

・Other bug fixes


Ver 1.01 Patch Notes

・Fixed a problem where players could buy more items than the maximum amount allowed by holding down right-click

・Fixed a problem where certain races were still taking damage via turn end poison damage

・Fixed a problem where certain high tier ores did not register in a player's inventory when first picked up

・Fixed a problem where, upon receiving an item that has already reached max capacity, items in the player's inventory would also be automatically changed into ores

・Clearing the game on a high difficulty will now unlock all rewards you would have gotten from clearing the game on lower difficulties

・Other bug fixes

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