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Shiny Days Patch 1.01e and Bugfixes

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Patch 1.01e


You can download the patch here.

Unzip into the folder you installed Shiny Days to, overwriting the existing files.

This fixes:

  • Minami ending - New ending credits made. Crash is also fixed
  • Route map nodes fixed and progress percentage recalculated
  • Missing splash screens added.
  • Story Route bug fixed (for Kokoro Bad End)
  • Wrong uniform display in Inori route fixed.
  • Minor text errors fixed.


This patch does not fix a bug related to saving your game. This can be fixed by either running Shiny Days as an Administrator or updating the permissions of the Shiny Days install directory to allow for saving of data.

General Game Stability:

Problems related to driver, graphics card, codec and engine anomalies may still exist on certain systems. If you are experiencing these problems it is recommended you try any/all of the following:

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